There is one thing most sites that process sensitive data on the internet have in common — authentication. And as you know, keeping all those usernames and passwords secure can be a challenge. $MTGY can help.

The Use Case

The $MTGY password manager is not built for active use on a daily basis…

If you own a token and want an affordable, reliable way to conduct Airdrops for your users, you’re in the right place.

How to set up an Airdrop

  1. You will need 5,000 $MTGY to Airdrop tokens, so go load up here (BSC), here ETH, or here (KCC).
  2. Navigate to The Moontography Platform and click on Airdropper
Moontography Airdropper

Many people want passive income, but it can be hard to find. Look no further!

How Farming Works

Tokens that are traded rely on two things to be tradable — a pool of the token and a pool of the cryptocurrency it’s traded with. …

Atomic Swapping is live for Beta Testing! We’ve tested quite a bit but a couple additional UI enhancements will make it ready for prime time. If you’d like to use Atomic swapping, read on!

$MTGY Holders (Scroll down for Token Owners)

  1. Make sure you are on the network you want to send tokens from in your wallet

Crypto has been called the future of money. It’s been given this mythical connotation and touted as foolproof and guaranteed to replace fiat by many enthusiasts. While I don’t necessarily disagree, I do think there is a long road ahead. Much like the car didn’t immediately replace the horse, or…

$MTGY is taking off. It launched on DEXT 5 weeks ago and as of this writing, we’ve seen roughly 6.5x growth against BNB and 4x growth against USD. The Platform ( is live with FaaS (Farming as a Service), Trusted Timestamping, and Password Management. The FaaS is already in use…

This is not financial advice. This is an instruction manual for how to buy $MTGY. Invest at your own risk and use discretion.

Buying cryptocurrency has become fairly accessible. But it can be somewhat challenging to purchase tokens with WBNB (Wrapped Binance Coin) on PancakeSwap if you’ve never done it…

Many crypto currencies can’t explain to you exactly what they do that warrants your investment, other than alluding to the all but guaranteed profit you’ll realize. This is great, when it’s true. This makes you happy, if it pays. But when it doesn’t, when you find yourself holding the bag…

Moontography — where does the name come from? Well, it’s simple, really. We’re aiming for the moon. But not in the sense of price alone. We believe the price will reflect the amount of value we add to the cryptography driven technology we all know and love called blockchain. …


Moontography is a blockchain project using $MTGY to build and deploy dApps accessible, affordable, and usable by the crypto community.

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